Energy in the Feed Mill

When GLW Feeds embarked upon purchasing a new boiler there were several options to consider. After some deliberation, they decided to invest in a new gas fired boiler.

This article, available to download below, is written by GLW Feeds Technical Manager, Martin Briggs and was published in Feed Compounder.
We felt it was useful to share this with the animal feed sector so you too could access this informative piece to help you gain insight into analysing your own energy consumption within the plant. The article also covers GLW’s real-time results from their decision-making.

Topics within the article include:

• How can you manage energy in the feed mill
• Purchasing energy
• Using less energy in the mill
• Steam boiler energy savings
• Tax breaks with Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme
• Energy by texture and customer requirements
• Renewables

Download “Energy in the Feed Mill

Watch GLW Feeds talk about the benefits of their new steam boiler: