Pre-packaged boiler houses save space & time

Packaged Boiler Houses

Byworth brings 45 years of boiler operational and manufacturing experience to our packaged boiler house range.
Using our expertise, we take the hassle out and save you time by pre-fabricating much of the package offsite.

Options range from a cost effective range of skid-mounted boilers and ancillaries, through purpose built “container style” boiler house to a full portal frame apex roofed building. Boilers and ancillary tanks are fully installed, piped and wired at the Keighley factory before being transported to site and quickly connected to existing services.

For a truly mobile solution, steam and hot water boilers up to 2500 kgs /hr / 1600kW can be truck mounted. This fully independent solution includes its own electricity generator and fuel tank is widely used in the “no dig” pipe-lining industry. Larger boilers can be trailer mounted for use where steam or hot water is required in, for example, remote areas.

Packaged Energy Centres

Are you becoming increasingly aware of sustainability issues and committed to reducing your environmental impact?
If you are looking for a modern self-contained energy centre, benefits include:-

  • Innovation
    A simple ‘plug-and-play’ solution significantly reduces on-site disruption
  • Sustainable approach
    Reduces local site impacts – fewer resources on site, fewer site deliveries, less noise, less waste
  • Programme certainty
    Constructed, pre-wired and tested to individual customer requirements prior to despatch, thus generating time-savings on-site
  • Flexibility
    The asset can be moved and installed in other locations either on the same site or other sites providing future operational flexibility
    – Designs are tailored to suit site layouts and orientations ensuring designs fit within the site service demands. This prevents re-design costs and reduces external connectivity component costs
  • Design for Life
    adaptable to meet the changing demands of our customers and regulations
     40 year guarantee against corrosion and UV degradation in any normal outside environment, with a time to first maintenance being circa 25-30 years for inland areas,  ensures the longevity of the asset
  • ‘Changing the Way We Work’
     Facilitates reduction of potential site waste, risks, and costs without any compromise on product quality
  •  Modern Control Technology
    Predictive maintenance strategies significantly reduce downtime
    Advanced data analytics systematically change boiler-related operations and services
     Resulting in reduced fuel usage and increased operational efficiency

Contact our experts now to discuss your energy centre requirements.

Completed energy centres:

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