The ultimate in boiler housing

Prefabricated Boiler House

A flexible alternative to the traditional boilerhouse.

This complete package is delivered as a finished building for the quickest possible installation

Typical applications include commercial laundries, food & drink manufacturers, packaging, pharmaceutical, public institutions and textiles.

Principal benefits and features

  • High efficiency boilers
  • Architectural cladded solution with factory complete enclosure
  • Customisable – bespoke manufacture to customer’s requirements
  • Completed work at factory such as pipework, guttering, pitched roof, flues and controls minimises work onsite
  • High quality finish with insulated steel building panels
  • Fire detection & internal lighting – the external and internal faces of the architectural panel are in line with the latest building standards
  • 2 years warranty (5 year warranty on pressure vessels)
  • 10-year building guarantee
  • Lease & long-term hire options
  • Minimise site space required for installation due to compact design
  • Delivered as a finished building
  • Simplified project planning and coordination by using single supplier for all equipment
  • One supplier means one single delivery of all boiler plant room equipment. Reduces site traffic and congestion, therefore, reducing carbon emissions
  •  Includes full DSEAR risk assessment

Contact our engineers for answers and advice on sizing, application, pricing, further technical information or to arrange a site visit.

containerised boiler house

Above: Packaged boiler house onsite at Mars Horsecare

Inside the boilerhouse – all prefab work carried out at factory, minimising onsite disruption and reducing install time

Principal features

  • Delivered as a finished building
  • Fire detection & internal lighting
  • Customisable
  • 2 years warranty (5 year warranty on pressure vessels)
  • Lease & long-term hire options
    • Steam boiler
    • Blowdown tank
    • Duplex water softener
    • Chemical dosing
    • Feed tank
    • Fire detection
    • Internal lighting
    • Pre-piped and wired
    • A range of optional components such as
      • Pressure reducing station
      • Blowdown heat recovery
      • steam to water heat exchangers
      • Metering
    • Model: MX or Yorkshireman
    • Output: 227 kg/hr up to 6000 kg/hr
    • Working pressure: 6.89 and 10.34 bar g, (other pressures by special design)
    • Typical efficiency: 89% (based on nett calorific value)
    • Fuel type: Liquid and gaseous fuels.
    • Manufacturing Standards: BS 2790, CE marked, European Pressure Equipment Directive compliant. Certified by Lloyds register.
    • Country of manufacture: United Kingdom
    • Boiler package: All Byworth boilers are sold fully packaged with high quality mountings, and a choice of burners from leading manufacturers fully fitted and wired. A ladder and gantry system is included as standard on all boilers rated from 2500 kgs/hour

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