A comprehensive stock of
burner and boiler spares

Boiler Spares

Boiler downtime can be very costly through lost production.

A comprehensive stock of burner and boiler spares stored in your boiler house can minimize your down time by ensuring the correct parts are immediately available. At Byworth boilers, the Spares department can quickly quote the recommend parts for your specific boiler.

Our boiler spares department is a world wide service with spare parts for Byworth and most other makes of industrial boilers held in stock. Next day delivery is offered in the UK, and a counter service is available at our Keighley, West Yorkshire premises.

Contact our friendly spares team to discuss your requirements on 01535 601080 or email spares@byworth.co.uk.

Enquiries from boiler servicing and repair engineers are most welcome and discounts can be negotiated for quantity.

For Spares Call Us On: 01535 665225

Wide Range of Boiler Spares In Stock

    • Flange, manhole and mudhole gaskets
    • Gasket sheets
    • Refractory
    • Ceramic insulation
    • Boiler insulation
    • Pipework insulation
    • Gland packing
    • Door seals
    • Gauge glasses
    • Sight glasses
    • Gauge cocks
    • Crown valves
    • Blowdown valves
    • Feed valves
    • Check valves
    • Pressure gauges
    • Feed pumps
    • Water level controls
    • Steam injection systems
    • Boiler pressure and temperature controls
    • Burner control boxes
    • Johnson boiler pressure and temperature controls
    • Water softeners
    • Water treatment chemicals and salt
    • Dosing tanks and pumps
    • Sample coolers