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Byworth has long been recognised as a leading trainer of boiler operators and engineers, both in the UK and overseas.

Our unique approach to training incorporates a flexible and tailored service, adaptable to meet your particular staff requirements and availability, with set courses run on specific dates at our dedicated facility in Keighley, or bespoke events available at your premises to suit your convenience.

Find out more about the particular training courses conducted by Byworth from the easy-to-follow chart below, or alternatively, contact our training team on 01535 665 225 or email to discuss course dates, fees, availability, booking procedures or bespoke training.

Key To Training Courses

indepth-selection  In-depth

intro-selection  Introduction


Steam Awareness

Boiler Operative Training

Design of Steam
and Condensate Systems

BOAS Operator

BOAS Manager

A Risk Based Approach to Steam System Design


Subjects Covered

What is Steam?
Fundamentals of Steam and Why We Use It
Steam/Condensate Cycle
Components Used in Steam Systems
Basic Rules for Installation and Safe, Efficient Operation
Boiler Types and Auxiliary Plant
Fundamentals of Combustionindepth-selectionindepth-selection
Combustion Control
Boiler Water Level Controls and Alarmsindepth-selectionindepth-selectionindepth-selection
Boiler Operationindepth-selectionindepth-selectionindepth-selection
Blowdown Controlsindepth-selectionindepth-selectionindepth-selection
Water Treatment
Guidance and Best Practiceindepth-selectionindepth-selectionindepth-selection
Energy Efficiency
Risk Assessmentindepth-selection
Environmental Impact
Written Scheme of Examination
Sizing of Steam Pipesindepth-selection
Effective Distributionindepth-selection
Selection and Sizing of Steam Trapsindepth-selection
Heat Recovery Systemsindepth-selection
Sizing of Condensate Pipesindepth-selection
Pressure and Temperature Controlindepth-selection
Metering and Monitoringindepth-selection

Assessment Method

Certificate of Attendance
Assessor Interview
Course Duration1 day2 days3 days4 days4 days1 day


On Site

Recommended for

Those New to steam
Operators with < 6 Months Experience
Operators with > 6 Months Experience
Managers Responsible for the Steam System

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