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At Byworth, we are committed to our role in creating environmental and societal opportunities, whilst overcoming the challenges that the world faces.

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Investing In Our Communities

Engineers solve problems and make a difference.

Contributing to society strengthens our business, and one way we have implemented a corporate social responsibility strategy is through our apprenticeship scheme.

Byworth have been promoting and implementing apprenticeships for the last two decades. Helping our apprentices develop and hone their skills not only prepares them for the working world, but gives them the confidence that their knowledge will help them progress in a forward-thinking organisation. More often than not, our apprentices pass the 3 – 4 year course with flying colours and frequently progress to become management.

Our biggest challenge was how to develop our approach that would truly deliver on our ambitions. To overcome this challenge, Byworth became more innovative through introducing smart partnering which would simultaneously create value for both our business and society.

By partnering with Leeds City College at the beginning of 2015 and their International Centre of Excellence (ICE) scheme, Byworth were able to focus on key areas of impact between society and our business. Now, we are in a position to address major challenges that affect both partner by developing creative solutions that draw on the complementary capabilities of both organisations.

“We got involved with the ICE initiative when we were approached by the college because of our reputation as a local company doing well in the heavy engineering sector. Both parties thought it fit well because of our location and the welding & fabrication course that runs at the college.

We got in partnership with it because we agree with it, in everything that it stands for in giving the young adults on these courses a pathway to this industry.”

Rob Baldwin, Production Director

A local company doing well in the heavy engineering sector.

Investing In Our People & Our Customers


Byworth’s commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety was recognised back in 2015 with our accreditation from Safecontractor.

Safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors.

“As both a UK boiler manufacture and service supplier, we promote our health and safety competence to both new and existing clients, as the Safe Contractor Accreditation Scheme is universally recognised throughout the UK, it compliments and reinforces our level of competence to our multi-disciplined clients.”

Gavin Hindle, Projects Director

John Kinge, Technical Director at Safecontractor said:

“More companies need to understand the importance of adopting good risk management in the way that Byworth has done. The firm’s high standard has set an example which hopefully will be followed by other companies within the sector.”


Few people realise that the gas safe qualification is only appropriate for residential and light commercial installations and not industrial sites such as food factories and commercial laundries etc.

Guidance to Regulation 3 of the ‘Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998’ (GSIUR) states:

“Gas work for those working at premises that fall outside the scope of the Regulations should only be undertaken by a person who has successfully completed an appropriate full training course followed by an assessment of competence.”

The CEA’s Industrial Gas Operations Accreditation Scheme (I-GAS) qualification has been created to fill this gap, in collaboration with industrial gas training providers, manufacturers of combustion equipment, and employers.

It is the only formal training and accreditation scheme currently available that is specifically designed for maintenance staff and technicians working with gas in industrial premises.
Of course, all our engineers retain their gas safe registration for working on residential and commercial properties such as hospitals, hotels and schools.

Byworth invest heavily in employee training to ensure:
a – our staff’s competence complies with a safe work environment and
b – our customers gain the best value when investing in maintenance and service programs

Engaging with community initiatives

Gavin is actively involved in the Founders4Schools volunteer programme. Developed to improve the employability of students by connecting them to business leaders, Founders4Schools inspire students to reach their full potential.

Gavin has partnered with the programme to share his experiences, including:
• How his preferred subjects have translated to his career
• What inspired him to choose his career path
• What he considers his failures, as well as successes
• Overall career milestones
• Transferable skills relevant to his job

His contribution continues to help students gain insight into careers; helping solve the age-old problem of “how do we bridge the gap between business and education.”

We promote our health and safety competence.

Investing In Our Society

The Combustion Engineering Association (CEA) is a registered educational charity that aims to improve the understanding and development of the combustion industry. With a long history of promoting efficiency in the utilisation of all types of fuel, the CEA proudly continue this ethos in the 21st Century. With climate change and the drive for sustainable and renewable energy now major global concerns, the need for better use of fuel for combustion has never been greater.

As active members of the CEA, Byworth Boilers continue to promote the need for education for those who operate, manage and own industrial boiler plant. Ensuring that all are operating an efficient and safe plant for themselves, their employees and the surrounding public.

We have a responsibility as a company to address awareness around the safety of our products.

It is acknowledged that there has been a commendable 3000 approved BOAS candidates since the CEA was founded but we can reveal there are 17,000 operating medium combustion plants in the UK. And how many of those have proficient training needed to maintain a safely run plant? There is huge uncertainty around how many of these plant owners, managers and operators understand the full extent of the safety and training required when working with this equipment.

The first step towards change is building awareness. Furthermore, we must recognise that our industry has a duty of care to all customers when establishing our business relationships. We are all indeed businesses who want to run profitably, but with that considered, nothing should come at the expense of the vulnerability of those who don’t possess the expert knowledge.


The first step towards change is building awareness.

Investing In Our Planet

Aware that running costs are of paramount importance to steam users, in 2007 Byworth embarked on a 2 year Research and Development Project in conjunction with Leeds University.

The brief was, by rigorous testing, to ascertain and prove the optimum configuration of shell, furnace, and tubes for maximum boiler efficiency and low emissions.

The new generously sized shell and furnace design proved to generate best quality dry steam with low emissions and so has been retained in the Yorkshireman2.

“The most exciting feature of the Yorkshireman2 boiler range is the revolutionary X-ID boiler tubes. With special helical internal ribs, this tube gives a significant 80% increased heat transfer over normal tube.  This increase in heat transfer gives the Yorkshireman2 an efficiency figure of around 95% (NCV). Moreover, when compared to running costs of older existing boiler plant, fuel savings could be as much as 25%.”

Jason Atkinson, Head of Technical and Product Development, Byworth Boilers

This boiler range incorporates many energy saving features including the unique X-ID boiler tube, making the Yorkshireman2 probably the most energy efficient steam boiler available today.

Byworth continue to invest heavily in R&D, balancing the best of British design with technological innovation which can readily be seen in their smart boiler control system, Unity.

Unity, was first touted as an idea in 2007 to the existing controls manufacturers; but after years of getting nowhere trying to persuade them to take on the development, Byworth felt so strongly that the industry was missing the key technological advancement, it appointed one of its own staff to develop the idea into the finished product. After a two-year development project, Unity was born.

Unity has achieved outstanding results in its field. The pioneering system employs Industry 4.0 technology to deliver reduced operating costs and safer management of industrial boiler houses. It’s advanced control capabilities and data analytics systematically change boiler related operations and services.

All it’s attributes support a vision of providing efficient heat solutions to each of our partners.

Byworth continue to invest heavily in R&D.

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