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food-service Food Boilers

We have a range of boilers suitable for the food production market.

From cooking to cleaning, our boilers are at the cutting edge of efficiency and deliver cost effective solutions throughout the production process. Offering a wide range of energy sources including waste heat and biomass you could recover even more running costs.

We use steam in food manufacturing because it is the most efficient method of heat transfer. Partner this with its reliable, versatile and sterilising qualities, it’s no wonder food manufacturers across the globe use steam and its flexibility to cook their products and clean equipment. Steam is the only heat transfer medium available for direct food contact.

Steam offers precise temperature control through relatively simple, inexpensive pressure control to deliver consistent heat across even the largest of vessels.

Steam offers the precision to ensure that the food produced is of the highest quality for the manufacturers’ end-user consumers.

Discover how Tangerine Confectionery are benefiting from advanced technology in the boilerhouse:

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