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Are You Actually Prepared… for a Boiler Breakdown?

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Byworth’s Financial Director, Rachel Westerman returns to tell you her story about a boiler breakdown experience she had this time last year…

Rachel’s baby (January 2018)

The parenting analogy…

As a parent to a tiny baby, the last thing you need is something else keeping you awake at night – but that was exactly how I found myself this time last year.  In the middle of one of the coldest nights, snow lying knee deep on our road, the boiler breaks down!

Luckily for us, I have always made sure we have a service contract in place for our boiler. When I called to arrange a visit the next morning, the service company understood the importance of a new baby to care for and put me down as a priority call.

However, due to the weather being particularly bad, it was going to prove difficult for the engineer to reach us that day. A frightening prospect of trying to keep warm yet another night without heating, but luckily again, we had a contingency plan in the form of a fan heater. This proved invaluable to me and my daughter.

You may consider that having a service contract in place covers your risk of breakdown and so a fan heater is an unnecessary expense, but when balancing this against what could happen without one, it certainly justified the cost of the heater for me.

Financial Director, Rachel Westerman and her daughter, Alice

This experience did make me consider whether we have adequate plans for risk management at work for any breakdowns we may encounter.  Do you know how much it costs your company in downtime when this happens?  Does my real world experience translate to any business?

My advice to you would be, ensure you reduce your risk and protect your company by investing in a service contract and having adequate spares on site.  At Byworth we would always recommend a service contract and keeping essential spares onsite that your operator can replace themselves. Particularly worth considering now the temperature is dropping – we’ve even seen some snow already!

Remember – think of the cost of keeping spares on your shelves such as a pump or valve, compared to the cost in lost production if you haven’t got them readily at hand?  Especially if the weather is set to get really bad!

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