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Technical Director appointed Chairman of the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA)

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After 3 years acting as Vice Chairman for the CEA, Adrian Rhodes becomes the official Chairman.

From left to right: Lord Chidgey and Adrian Rhodes at the House of Lords

Taking place at the association’s AGM which is held at the House of Lords, Adrian’s predecessor, Derry Carr stepped down from his title as Chairman and fondly reminisced about his last three years in the position.

Derry remains an active member of the Combustion Engineering Association. The CEA have conferences throughout the year where both Adrian and Derry are keynote speakers.

After the initial proceedings, and during the prestigious dinner served in the House of Lords, Adrian unconventionally sparked a discussion amongst the members. His technical knowledge has earnt him the authority of a recognised expert within the industry, but Adrian wanted to raise a matter that’s often overlooked yet one he feels strongly about. Awareness.

The newly instated Chairman went on to acknowledge the commendable 3000 approved BOAS candidates since the CEA was founded, but then revealed there were 17,000 operating medium combustion plants in the UK. Moreover, how many of these have proficient training that is needed to maintain a safely run plant? There is huge uncertainty as to how many of these plant owners, managers and operators understand the full extent of the safety and training that is required when working with the equipment.

He continued by stressing the first step towards change is building awareness. Furthermore, we must recognise that our industry has a duty of care to all customers when establishing our business relationships. We are all indeed businesses who want to run profitably, but with that considered, nothing should come at the expense of the vulnerability of those who don’t possess the expert knowledge.

Part of Adrian’s role as Chairman for the CEA will be to develop a strategy to ensure they’re getting their message in front of the right people.

Adrian Rhodes – Bio

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