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Burner Spares and Parts

Byworth supply burner parts and complete replacement burners for all leading manufacturers of burners, at very competitive prices.

Frequently, customers consider replacing their existing burner due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Safety & reliability issues such as aged & worn equipment that no longer complies with current legislation
  • Emission Compliance – Low NOx & CO Regulations
  • Fuel Conversion – Changing to gas or light oil
  • A new fuel source such as LPG or LNG
  • Your burner is obsolete and parts are difficult and expensive to source
  • Poor Performance – Inefficient combustion due to wear and tear

No matter what reason you require a burner retrofit, at Byworth, our practical, straightforward approach to your burner retrofit enquiry will eliminate any confusion that is often associated with combustion equipment selection. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with a properly matched, user friendly combustion solution, supported by our National Service Team who have experience with the following burner manufacturers:




GP Burners



Siemens Controls

ETC / Ratiotronic / Scanview / Ecosafe Controls



Call our friendly spares team to discuss your requirements on 01535 665225 or email

Burners and burner spares:

  • Light Oil and Heavy Oil fired burners
  • Gas fired burners
  • Dual fuel burners
  • High low burners
  • Modulating burners
  • Full digitally modulating burners
  • Inverter driven burner fans
  • Electric motors
  • Burner fans
  • Burner pumps
  • Control panels
  • Control boxes
  • Photocells
  • UV cells
  • Transformers
  • HT leads
  • Monarch burner nozzles
  • Danfoss oil pumps
  • Zwicky oil pressure valves
  • Landis air damper motors
  • Gas valve actuators
  • Dungs air and gas pressure switches

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