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leaf Economisers

Fuel costs can typically be reduced by between 4 and 6%, giving a very swift payback.

The typical temperature of flue gases flowing from the final pass of tubes from a 3 pass wetback 150 psi steam boiler would be 240 degrees C. This heat is then lost up the chimney to the atmosphere but some of it could be recovered utilising a flue gas economiser and used to pre-heat the boiler feed water. Hotter feed water requires less fuel input to raise steam, therefore saving fuel costs and reducing carbon emissions.

An economiser is a pressurised heat exchanger with heat indirectly transferring between hot flue gas flowing around banks of tubes through which the feed water passes. The tubes are designed with spiralled surfaces to achieve maximum surface area and enhanced heat transfer. Economisers are available as an integral part of the Yorkshireman boiler series or as a stand-alone unit which can be retrofitted to an existing boiler on site.

Byworth’s friendly spares team are available to help ascertain the most energy efficient solution for your particular application.

Principle Features

  • Waste heat is recovered
  • Fuel bills reduced by 4 – 6 %
  • Carbon emissions reduced
  • Internal or external versions available

Other considerations

  • Similar efficiency can be achieved by a Yorkshireman2 without economiser
  • Only suitable for sulphur free fuels
  • Shorter lifespan than the boilers and replacement is costly
  • Regular maintenance is essential
  • Inverter driven pumps and modulating water level controls should be fitted

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