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steam Packaged Energy Centres

Are you becoming increasingly aware of sustainability issues and committed to reducing your environmental impact?

If you are looking for a modern self-contained energy centre, benefits include:-

  • Innovation
     A simple ‘plug-and-play’ solution significantly reduces on-site disruption
  • Sustainable approach
     Reduces local site impacts – fewer resources on site, fewer site deliveries, less noise, less waste
  • Programme certainty
     Constructed, pre-wired and tested to individual customer requirements prior to despatch, thus generating time-savings on-site
  • Flexibility
    The asset can be moved and installed in other locations either on the same site or other sites providing future operational flexibility
    – Designs are tailored to suit site layouts and orientations ensuring designs fit within the site service demands. This prevents re-design costs and reduces external connectivity component costs
  • Design for Life
    – adaptable to meet the changing demands of our customers and regulations
     40 year guarantee against corrosion and UV degradation in any normal outside environment, with a time to first maintenance being circa 25-30 years for inland areas,  ensures the longevity of the asset
  • ‘Changing the Way We Work’
      Facilitates reduction of potential site waste, risks, and costs without any compromise on product quality

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