We’re MCPD Ready. Are You?

From December 2018, the Medium Combustion Plant Directive requires all new boilers rated between 1 and 50MW comply with strict new emission limits for NOx, SOx, and particulates.

For steam users, that means approximately between 1.3 and 66t/hr.

The MCPD will also affect existing plant from 2025 or 2030 depending on size.

We’ve been prepared for a while, but are you?

Do you know:

• If your NOx, SOx, and exhaust gas particulates are under the Emission Limit Values?
• How to measure a mixture of plant?
• What the ELV’s are for your area?
• How this affects you if you’re thinking about replacing a burner on an existing boiler or replacing the whole package?

Worried?  Don’t be.

To help you prepare, Byworth are conducting FREE OF CHARGE boiler plant audits to help you understand if your plant will meet these regulations.
Our audit includes recommendations to bring your boiler in line with the new regulations if not fully compliant already.

If you would like to take advantage of this great opportunity, please submit your contact details below and reference the MCPD audit in the message box of the contact form..