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The Importance of Being Earnest (ly Trained)

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It is that time of year again where many companies are either trying to spend their current budget or planning for the coming year.

Is formal boilerhouse training part of your thoughts? Is it even on your radar?

Many companies I come across know they need the training, and even though they put it at the forefront, it somehow gets lost among the many daily business operations. Eventually, it is forgotten about.

Well, I urge you not to put it on the backburner. I hope this article will put training back on your radar and this is why…

Training for boiler house operations is usually based on safety – after all, pressurised vessels could go bang without a good maintenance programme in place. A great deal of training looks at this as the focal point, however, what is not often mentioned is most accidents are in actual fact a result of falling from a height, rather than a failure of equipment. Yet the image shown to the right is what most people see in the media.

Car manufacturers mention safety but do not splash pictures of damaged cars all over and the same can be said for the boiler manufacturers. It is the job of third-party organisations through media to show these images such as the police promoting safe driving.

Instead, I want to discuss downtime and efficiencies. My philosophy has always been that it is the 1 percent’s that truly count, the small things which take very little time that can have great implications on costs.

Checking the hot well temperature, looking at the flue gas temperature, making sure the TDS levels are correct, keeping the blowdowns to the correct levels and most importantly ensuring the water treatment is right for your boiler. These are some of the small things that can be done regularly to increase operational efficiency and reduce any risk of failure.

At a recent CEA conference it was said that 95% of all boiler failures are water treatment related. Ensuring yours is correct is of paramount importance.

Of course there are pieces of equipment that can help with overall efficiencies but these tend to be site and process related in terms of savings against cost. The only way across ALL sites to gain those precious 1 percent savings is through the competence of the operators and managers.

As an approved CEA training provider, Byworth Boilers run a number of courses to suit most needs ranging from fundamental training for the novices to full BOAS accreditation for the more experienced operator and manager.

If you are not certain of your legal standing, if you want a tailored approach to training or if you simply need a little bit of advice please do not hesitate to contact me, Dave Chapman on 01535 665225.