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Technical Boiler House Risk Assessment

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Each Year There Are On Average 107 Reported Pressure Vessel Failures Resulting In 1 Death And 7 Life-Changing Injuries¹

It’s very easy to become overly focused on these low probability, high consequence events when talking about industrial boilers.

And you’ve probably also considered the more obvious risks such as slips, trips and falls, but are you confident that your risk assessments cover everything and are sufficiently up-to-date?

If you:
• Have a boiler that is more than 10 years old
• Made a change to your steam system in the last 12 months (including changing or adding a boiler)
• Changed or are considering changing the manning level of your boiler
• Changed or are considering changing the primary fuel for your boiler (including biofuels or CHP)

then you would benefit from attending the ‘Technical Boiler House Risk Assessment’ workshops being run by the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA) and presented by professionals from The HSE, The Safety Federation (SAFed) and industry experts.

The workshops, in general, cover:
Day 1: Legal obligations, boiler systems and controls.

Day 2: Principles of risk assessment and their particular application to steam or hot water systems, including group discussions and worked examples of common scenarios.

Byworth also provide a one day course to boost the health and safety knowledge of delegates previously unfamiliar with risk assessment, in line with the HSE Guide INDG436.

Find available courses on Byworth’s calendar or contact for more details

¹ recovered 10 Nov 2014