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Yorkshireman Steam Boiler Range

A reliable, quality assured, long lasting product from a brand you can trust

Offering you low emissions, energy efficiency and innovative control technology, the Yorkshireman 3 pass, wet back, steam boiler is the preferred choice for larger applications.

Yorkshireman steam boiler installed in a well maintained boiler house

With sizes from 1000 kg/hr to 19,000 kg/hr and a working pressure up to 23 bar g

Why a Yorkshireman is the right choice for you:

  • Low NOx
  • High quality dry steam thanks to the generous shell & furnace dimensions
  • Thermal stresses are alleviated due to a central furnace and flat flanged end plates
  • Heat losses are minimised with high-density external insulation
  • Use of high-performance, ceramic materials eliminate problems associated with traditional refractory cement
  • Multiple inspection ports, removable cladding panels and front & rear doors, for faster NDT inspections
  • Quality assured. Our internal inspection regime exceeds BS and EN requirements; this includes 100% ultrasonic inspections of all major welds
  • Manufactured in Britain
  • Our standard range includes all fittings necessary for a working boiler including a sample cooler and NDT inspection panels. Larger boilers include access ladders and gantries

Maximising your benefits

If you’re looking to reduce fuel usage and improve operational efficiency of your boiler, then including Unity in your boiler package could be the perfect solution.

Benefits of Unity

Unity control panel showing a boiler in action and the functions availalbe

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