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Advanced Boiler Control System

Gain efficiency through centralised boiler house control with Unity

Maintaining an efficient, cost-effective boiler house can be a challenge. But you can overcome that challenge by upgrading your plant to a Unity controlled system.

Unity is our advanced industrial boiler control system offering you unprecedented management, efficiency, visibility, and fingertip control.

Unity is suitable for any boiler house; from control of a single boiler to complex multi-boiler, hybrid-fuel installations incorporating waste heat and composite boilers. It can also be retro fitted to existing boilers by our expert service team.

Why Unity?

How can Unity Industrial Boiler House Control help you?

Unity manages precise data from your boiler house to predict and prevent boiler failure, significantly reducing any downtime

Its value is in its capability to reduce costs, improve product and service performance, as well as making the management of your boiler house both safer and easier.

Unity is accessible via a built-in touch screen remote desktop and provides quick access to trend data and alarm logs

User controllable functions include:

  • Automated two stage cold start
  • Trending of measured values
  • Logging of alarms
  • Automated water tests
  • Automated feed pump rotation
  • Automated bottom blowdown
  • Operator user groups
  • Hotwell level and temperature control
  • Hints to possible fault causes
  • Fuel metering (instantaneous and totalised)
  • Boiler sequencing on actual steam output
  • Three-part water level control
  • Chemical dosing pump control
  • Feed forward burner control

Did you know...

Unity can be retrofitted to your plant by one of our highly experienced service engineers, so it is never too late to consider upgrading to a Unity controlled system.

Upgrade to Unity

"Unity is key for us to prevent unplanned boiler downtime. It gives you all the information on the boiler, for example, how much gas and pressure is going into the boiler – if that drops it would signify that something is not right with the system and we can address it before it develops into a major issue."

- Happy Customer