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Safe Operation & Management of Industrial Steam Boilers

An exciting new Training course assured by City and Guilds

Putting practical skills at the forefront

Incorporating both practical and classroom-based learning, this new and exciting approach to industrial boiler training ensures you will have the opportunity to engage with the trainer, the equipment, and the learning process.

This course is designed to give candidates a thorough understanding of the boiler house and industrial boiler operation, giving operators the knowledge required to confidently operate their own equipment safely and efficiently.

Assessments that put your needs first

The 12 teaching modules are logically arranged to cover the boiler system from cold water supply, through control, and ending with the basics of boiler management. At the end of each section of learning there will be a short online test or practical assessment with an industry professional.

Assessing the course in this way reduces the stress and anxiety that can be caused by an end point assessment and allows candidates to focus on the key learning points from each module.

The practical elements of the course will be assessed by industry professionals with many years of experience working within the boiler house environment.

Course Key Learning Points:

  • Recognise & deal with emergencies, safely re-start the system
  • Understand legal responsibilities relating to steam systems
  • The ability to interpret, test & manage water treatment
  • Calibration, testing & setting of blowdown systems
  • Diagnose & fix common water level issues
  • Carry out Daily & Weekly testing
  • Where to start with risk assessment
  • Future technologies (metering & control)
  • Manage the steam system to return optimum efficiency
  • Recognise & understand the basic components of a steam system
  • Read & interpret combustion results, recognising good combustion

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