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Yorkshireman 2 Steam Boiler Range

The most energy efficient steam boiler available in the UK

Developed with rising fuel costs in mind, the multi award-winning Yorkshireman2 Boiler is the best option for the truly energy conscious. Incorporating a number of energy saving features including our patented X-ID tubes, the Yorkshireman2 boiler could offer your site significant energy savings.

With sizes from 1000 kg/hr to 19,000 kg/hr and working pressure up to 23 bar g

Increased heat transfer for better efficiency

Exclusive to the Yorkshireman2 boiler our X-ID tubes give a significant 80% increase in heat transfer over a normal tube thanks to the special helical internal ribs.

Maximising your benefits

If you’re looking to reduce fuel usage and improve operational efficiency of your boiler then including Unity in your boiler package could be the perfect solution

Benefits of Unity

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