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Yorkshireman boiler is the perfect balance


  • Customer: AW Hainsworth
  • Industry: Textiles
  • Product: Yorkshireman Steam Boiler
  • Goal: Reliability and reducing fuel costs

A specialist textile company, AW Hainsworth has been an unrivalled market leader for over 230 years. From the time Abimelech William Hainsworth started manufacturing woollen cloth in Yorkshire in 1783, investing in people and maintaining strong partnerships with customers and suppliers have been the cornerstones of their success.

Today, AW Hainsworth integrate the traditional qualities of craftsmanship with cutting edge innovation and product development to meet the needs of a growing and diverse global customer base. Their patented products, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation and the granting of a Royal Warrant, to supply HM The Queen, demonstrate their ability to deliver fabric to the highest possible standards.

We met up with Maintenance Manager, Alan Coates, to understand how this multifaceted textile company use steam in their process.

Alan has worked at A W Hainsworth for over 12 years. He is in charge of the daily running of the maintenance team who look after the electrical and mechanical upkeep of the whole site.

In 2016, they installed a brand-new Yorkshireman, 8 tonne steam boiler. They kept one of their old boilers for redundancy purposes to cover annual inspections and routine maintenance.

Why did you decide you needed a new industrial boiler?

One of our old boilers had failed its NDT and would have cost too much to repair it.

What goals were you trying to achieve with your new boiler?

Costs savings, reliability and service.

What was the top reason you chose Byworth as your supplier?

We are a family run business and so are Byworth and we liked that.

What do you look for when buying an industrial boiler?

Price is always a big factor as is service. We also got feedback from other companies that have already got Byworth equipment. They confirmed Byworth’s reliability.

How was your overall Byworth experience?

It was very good from the sales engineer coming in; we had various quotes with different options. We did look at getting two smaller boilers and bringing them together. We looked at quite a few options, Byworth came back with costs very quickly and explained everything properly. The install went very well, and everything went to schedule. The quality of work is very good, we were impressed with that. It all went well.

Did we meet the goals you set out to achieve regarding boiler efficiency?

It’s saved us between 10 and 12% on our previous boiler so that’s a massive saving to us when we’re spending around £250,000£300,000 a year on gas.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Byworth and our products?

It’s a well-known brand in the UK. It’s been reliable since 2016 when it was installed.

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