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Helping York Brewery Keep the Beer Flowing

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If the unexpected happens to your expensive and essential equipment, where do you turn to when working capital is at a premium?

Typically, businesses seek to prolong the lifespan of all their capital equipment with well planned maintenance schedules. But if a costly breakdown occurs and replacement is the only option, leasing can offer an effective outlet for offsetting such unforeseen costs by spreading them out and allowing continued operation without disruption to cashflow.

When York Brewery’s old vertical steam generator began to fail, rather than opt for costly and complex repairs or face a large, unplanned capital outlay, head brewer Nick Webster instead called on the services of Byworth Boilers to swiftly arrange a leasing arrangement for completely new equipment.

Aware of their quality, thanks to his time spent working with shell steam boilers built by Byworth at Timothy Taylor’s brewery in Keighley, Nick had no hesitation in contacting them for advice on an urgent replacement.

Byworth’s, Tony Green was quick to offer advice and guidance, with the decision quickly taken to install a new MX500 boiler in a storeroom area, moving the boiler away from the brewing area and improving worker access.

The poor condition of the old hotwell led to its replacement at the same time with a brand-new stainless steel Byworth unit, featuring high density insulation and a compact, wall-mounted chemical dosing system – installed to ensure the new boiler ran efficiently as possible.

The installation work, carried out by Doncaster Boiler Repairs Ltd, was undertaken without any impact on York Brewery’s working capital, thanks to an efficiently arranged leasing agreement, due to the unplanned nature of the boiler replacement work.

A viewing window has since been installed, granting visitors visual access to the new boiler in operation as they enjoy sampling the brewery’s traditional beers in the excellent public bar.

Commenting on the successful installation and lease arrangement, Tony Green said:

‘Working with Nick Webster and his colleagues at York Brewery was a pleasure and makes it an even more satisfying experience to regularly enjoy a pint of Terrier or Guzzler in my local.’

The MX Boiler – as installed at York Brewery – is an ideal workhorse for the smaller brewer, achieving good quality dry steam, while the flagship Yorkshireman range – as used at Timothy Taylor’s – is more suited to larger breweries.

To discuss your boiler options or leasing arrangements, please contact us.