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Long Term Boiler Hire Pays Dividends For Specialist Feed Mill

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Mars Horsecare Uk Ltd is based at Milton Keynes on a site that has been producing high quality feeds for the equine industry for over 55 years, and has developed both its products and the plant to meet ever changing demands.

One part of their process that has been a constant throughout is their demand for steam, and with an ageing boiler running on heavy fuel oil the need to consider a replacement had been a key concern.

The old boiler was a coal fired unit that had been converted to heavy oil and had definitely served its time. For efficiency and environmental reasons management was also keen to get away from heavy fuel oil and had established that it would now be possible to install a gas supply to the site. It was known that the de-rated boiler was well on top of its job and a steam meter was installed to establish actual site load.

Once the site load was known, options for the future were considered including purchase, lease and hire. Byworth Boilers was able to offer all three options, and after some deliberation, a long term hire boiler was selected as the preferred option.

The final specification was a purpose built containerised boiler house complete with a Yorkshireman2 3000kg/hr boiler and their latest option for a Unity boiler house control system to enable remote monitoring of the boiler. This new control system has been developed by the specialist Byworth Boilers research and development team to improve customers’ ability to operate steam plant more efficiently and provides unprecedented levels of visibility for everything in the boiler house.

Above: Hire boiler onsite at Mars Horsecare
Above: Hire boiler onsite at Mars Horsecare

The Unity hire option is a bespoke version of the full package and enables site engineers to view boiler operating condition remotely as well as to share this information with Byworth. Unity is a DCS based control system which logs faults and control parameters which facilitate early diagnosis of potential failure within the system.

The goal was to have the new plant installed prior to the NDT inspection of the old boiler. The old boiler was switched off as planned and a trailerised hire boiler was supplied to cover the short changeover prior to the installation and commissioning of the newly built containerised boiler.

In the first nine months, Mars Horsecare Uk Ltd has established fuel savings of over 47%

Eddie Lear the Site Engineer said:  “The accepted criteria for this project were to provide a cost effective, reliable, efficient and environmentally compliant system to ensure continuous supply to meet our every changing customer requirements. Having looked at various options to replace the ageing boiler asset, the leased option offered by Byworth boilers met with all the requirements.

Byworth Boilers was able to provide expert knowledge during the design phase of the project to ensure the correct sized unit was recommended and then followed this through to build, installation and commissioning ensuring the Mars Horsecare was able to continue production at all times.”

He added: “The new containerised boiler has proven to be very cost effective. It complies with environmental regulations and provides a great deal of flexibility in line with  operational demands.”

Byworth Boilers is the country’s leading independent provider of steam and hot water boiler services and was the first company in the UK to recognise the potential need for a mobile boiler hire service. All boilers are built in the company’s Yorkshire factory combining the very latest manufacturing techniques with time-honoured boiler making skills to produce unrivalled build quality and precision control capability.

Today Byworth has a fleet of over 100 hire boilers ready, at a moments notice, to be delivered and hooked up to existing services.