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Unity – Intelligent Boiler House Control

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Achieve efficient and cost-effective management of multiple boiler house systems with UNITY from Byworth – the next-generation of control interfaces.

Offering unprecedented levels of visibility and fingertip control of every aspect of boiler house technology, UNITY was conceived and created by a team headed by Jason Atkinson; runner-up Electrical Apprentice of the Year and graduate of Byworth’s talent identifying apprentice system.

Explaining the thought processes that drove its development, Jason comments:

‘Current integrated systems are simply not using the data they collect in an effective manner. With UNITY, we’ve thought about how all of these discrete signals can be brought together and made to work in a user-friendly system that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

‘What we’re offering is a boiler house that makes intelligent decisions, based on multiple pieces of information, while at the same time making that information globally available over a LAN or WAN connection.’

From a central user interface, accessible via the built-in touchscreen, or remotely via PC or tablet, UNITY operators can view processed data and trends relating to numerous values including:

  • Boiler and Manifold Pressures
  • Boiler Water Levels and Conductivity
  • Hotwell Levels and Temperature
  • Blowdown Temperature
  • Flue Temperature and Gas Analysis
  • Plus Several More

All alarms and tests conducted are logged and can be exported to a network printer if required, while a straightforward ‘traffic light’ warning system keeps users up-to-date with any changes in plant conditions and draws focus to areas requiring attention or adjustment.

This comprehensive, ‘joined up’ approach to the management of multiple processes gives UNITY its unique advantage over other control systems, which typically employ third party applications to control single aspects of the boiler house.

UNITY simply does it all – and does it better.

For more detailed information on UNITY, contact us or call us on 01535 665 225.