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Jura Distillery invest in two Yorkshireman2 Boilers to improve efficiency & reliability

At a glance

  • Customer: Jura Distillery
  • Industry: Distillery
  • Product: Two Yorkshireman2 Boiler
  • Goal: Efficiency & Reliability
  • 12% fuel reduction, Reduced carbon footprint & Improved operational efficiency

The Isle of Jura nestled off the West Coast of Scotland is only 60 miles from Glasgow but takes a wee while to get there. One road, one distillery, one pub, one shop and one community; Jura is an island with a unique spirit.

A land where myths, legends, superstition, and the craft of whisky making has been handed down from generation to generation. From 1810, when the first distillery was built to 1963 when the distillery was reborn.

The problem

Jura’s previous boiler was over 18 years old and had repeated failures requiring regular repairs.

The cost of repairs and downtime of the boiler meant it was no longer financially viable to keep running. The boiler house was also looking run down and tired.

Jura needed a steam solution that was reliable and cost effective to run. Also, as the distillery is in a remote location it was vital that the boiler house could be monitored remotely at all times.

The Solution

Jura chose a two-boiler set up with Unity control system for the new boiler house. By installing two smaller boilers instead of one large one they significantly reduced the risk of lost production due to boiler failure.

The unity controls would also provide total control integration of the hotwell, steam meters, and water meters and ensure remote access to monitor the plant.

“If you have a days lost production due to boiler failure, that means you won’t have 8000 litres to sell in 10 years’ time. This was also the main reason for installing two smaller boilers instead of one big one.”

"We’re already seeing about a 12% fuel volume reduction with the new boilers compared to the old one. 

That will convert to financial savings…the new boiler is already providing return on investment on the whole package”

Byworth went to the Isle of Jura to meet with Engineering Manager Andy Jardine to get his perspective on working with Byworth and the benefits the boiler upgrades have had on Jura and the distillery process

Why did you decide on Byworth and two Yorkshireman2 boilers?

“I chose Byworth because the price was competitive, and the promise of improved efficiency was appealing. I liked the feel of the company and felt comfortable in the early sales process.”

Buying a boiler is one of the largest capital expenditures a business is likely to have. However, the efficiency gained can save you thousands of pounds in ongoing operating costs for the lifetime of the plant. Jura is now using 12% less fuel as a direct result or the new boilers.

Have you reduced your carbon footprint with Unity or the new boilers?

“Using less fuel reduces your carbon footprint and that’s multifaceted because using less fuel reduces carbon all through the fuel supply chain. The reduction means maybe 2 less lorries a month having to come to Jura.”

Had Byworth not had Unity, would you have gone with another supplier?

“No, I think the boilers sold themselves.”

Having access to trend data, has it drawn your attention to any changes in the condition of the plant?

“Yes. That is me being nosy and wondering why there is a change in the plant! Now I can phone up the distillery and say why weren’t you taking steam at 3 am!? It gives me more insight and control, whereas before I was not aware of all the issues they’d have.”

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