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Byworth’s New Boiler Completes Timothy Taylor’s Brewery Expansion

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Keighley based brewer of award winning beers, Timothy Taylor has completed a £12 million investment programme with the installation of a second boiler from another Keighley firm, Byworth Boilers.

The Yorkshireman 2 boiler will allow Timothy Taylor to run their process using either natural gas or light oil. It also includes Byworth’s efficiency enhancing X-ID tubes and a flue gas economiser.

Commenting on the purchasing decision, Second Brewer, Andrew Leman explains:

“Our existing boiler is now 16 years old and in today’s terms is no longer cost efficient to run. It is also only just keeping up with peak demand and with call for our beers continuing to grow at a pace, the need for a larger more efficient boiler became pressing.”

He added,

“Not only will we be able to make considerable savings on fuel but less carbon dioxide will be released into the environment. The existing boiler will be kept on standby to cover during servicing and maintenance.”

Taylor’s have joined a growing number of companies opting for Byworth’s unique Unity system; an intelligent, feed-forward control system for their boiler. The staff at Taylor’s now have the same level of visibility of Key Performance Indicators, trend data, and of control within the boiler house that they have enjoyed for a number  of years in the rest of the process plant.

The Unity system developed by Byworth replaces the limited functionality of traditional, discrete controls found in most boiler houses with a familiar, user-friendly experience and an unprecedented depth of information.

Byworth is proud to be part of the process that produces Timothy Taylor’s award-winning beers and we look forward to continuing our long relationship with them.

We hope to revisit Taylor’s in the coming months to find out how their new boiler and Unity system is performing.

brewery boiler
Unity’s developer, Jason Atkinson controls the system on Timothy Taylor’s new boiler