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New Fellsman hot water boiler is a game changer for Sheffield Wednesday

At a glance

  • Customer: Sheffield Wednesday
  • Industry: Sports & Leisure
  • Product: Fellsman Hotwater Boiler
  • Goal: Reliable pitch heating

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club is a professional association football club based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The Owls, as they are nicknamed, have had many successful years in English football having won four league titles, three FA Cups, one League Cup and one FA Community Shield.

In recent years, the Owls, have invested time and money into improving the grounds facilities for their players, members and dedicated fans. Installing a new Byworth Fellsman boiler was one of those investments.

The Problem

The old boiler was struggling to keep up with the high demands put on it by cold Yorkshire winters and ended up being de commissioned in 2021.

With the boiler out of action the club had to way to heat the pitch in winter. Freezing pitches in minus temperatures can quickly lead to cancelled games which is not good for the fans or the club’s revenue.

Undersoil heating has been used by football clubs for decades. When the great British weather takes a turn for the worse under pitch heating kicks in, helping to keep matches on and ensuring that pitches are kept in playable condition.

The Owls needed a new industrial boiler that would be reliable in the cold conditions and efficient to purchase and run.

The Solution

A new 1500kg/hr Fellsman hot water boiler that would be designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned by the Byworth Boilers team.

The new boiler would provide the reliability the club were looking for and Byworth were able to offer a payment solution that fit the needs of the organisation in a post covid world.

Robust, reliable, and designed for longterm ease of maintenance; the Fellsman boiler is a compact and highly efficient solution for commercial heating and was the ideal solution in both efficiency and size. By investing in a boiler that is designed and manufactured to achieve a long life span the club can be rest assured their pitch heating will be well taken care of for years to come.

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