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Blowdown Vessels

All steam boilers must be regularly blown down to reduce the concentration of suspended and dissolved solids in the boiler water.

As this waste is under pressure and at extreme temperature there must be a safe means of storage and cooling (to below 43 degrees C) before discharging to general drainage. The CEA’s BG03 gives full details of safety requirements for blowdown vessels.

As boiler manufacturers, Byworth applies the same exacting standards to their blowdown tank range as they do to their boilers. Designed and built to PD5500, the blowdown vessels are inspected by Lloyds register during manufacture, and are available either from stock or individually built.

The standard range of blowdown vessels sizes cover boiler outputs from 250 to 18000 kgs/hour. For larger outputs, Byworth can design and manufacture blowdown tanks to suit.


Blowdown Receiver Models

Model Capacity
BT0 44 litre
BT1 178 litre
BT2 325 litre
BT3 503 litre
BT4 889 litre
BT5 1563 litre


Principle Features

  • Designed and built to PD5500
  • Fully compliant with CEA’s BG03
  • Built to exacting standards by skilled engineers
  • Compact design
  • Small footprint without compromising volume
  • Connections can be positioned to suit individual installations
  • Hammer paint finish for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy inspection access with elliptical door
  • Cooling system available
  • Mating flanges supplied loose for easy connection
  • Optional stainless steel vent head to handle flash steam

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