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Sizes From – 250kW to 3000kW

Working Pressure – Up to 10 bar g maximum temperature of 140°C

The Fellsman reverse flame wetback shell hot water boiler, is a compact and highly efficient solution for commercial heating and industrial process applications.

Using the very best quality materials, all Fellsman boilers are manufactured in our state of the art UK factory, ensuring the highest level of engineering and workmanship

Principal Features

  • The ideal balance between efficiency and size

  • Fully wet back

  • Designed and manufactured in our UK facility

  • Reliable with long life span

  • Suitable for a wide range of liquid or gaseous fuels including natural gas, LPG, LNG, biogas and heating oils

  • Lightweight, hinged front-door

  • Removable rear doors

  • Spiral wound turbulators significantly improve efficiency without increasing the boiler footprint

  • Generous shell and furnace sizes

  • Output easily achieved

  • Removable rear doors

  • Easy access for cleaning and inspection

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Did you know?

Like the Dalesman, the Fellsman can run on gas, oil or a combination of both.