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The Fellsman is a reverse flame wetback shell hot water boiler, and is a compact and highly efficient solution for commercial heating and industrial process applications.

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Principal Features

  • High efficiency
  • Reliable with long life span
  • Generous shell and furnace sizes
  • Output easily achieved
  • Fully opening front and rear doors
  • Easy access for cleaning and inspection

Energy Saving

  • High performance X-ID firetubes in Yorkshireman2
  • Enhanced shell insulation features on Yorkshireman2
  • High performance ceramic fireside insulation
  • Combustion management system
  • Inverter driven burner fan *
  • Inverter driven feedwater pumps *
  • Internal economisers where suitable *


Model Fellsman
Boiler type Reverse flame wetback shell hot water boiler.
Fire tube passes 2 passes within the furnace and one pass in tubes
Output 250 to 3000 kW/hour
Working pressure 6.89, 10.34 bar g
Typical efficiency 86% (based on nett calorific value)
Temperature Up to 140 degrees C.
Fuel type Liquid and gaseous fuels.
Manufacturing Standards EN 12953, CE marked, European Pressure Equipment Directive compliant. Certified by Lloyds register.
Country of manufacture United Kingdom.
Boiler package All Byworth boilers are sold fully packaged with highest quality mountings fitted, and a choice of burners from leading manufacturers fully fitted and wired. Ladder and gantry system compliant with EN 14122 are included where required.

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