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Hotwell Water Tanks

The temperature of the water being fed to the boiler is of paramount importance.

Water which is too cold may cause thermal shock and structural damage to the boiler, and will certainly have an adverse effect on the overall energy efficiency of the boiler. Water which is too hot can cause irreparable damage to the feed pump, leading to costly loss of production.

To ensure the optimum efficiency of your boiler, Byworth design and manufacture hotwell feed water tanks to the requirements of each individual application

Call the Byworth’s Sales Engineering team on +44 (0)1535 665225 to help design your hotwell feedwater tank and associated systems to optimise boiler efficiency.

Byworth’s hotwell feed tanks are designed to suit each individual application and manufactured to the highest quality engineering standards. Connections can be arranged to suit individual installations.


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Principle Features

  • Stainless or carbon steel
  • Full thermal insulation and finished in aluzinc cladding
  • Internally braced yet easy to clean
  • No metal stays which create heat loss
  • Sturdy self coloured stand
  • Flanged inlet and outlet connections
  • Complete with vent and drain
  • Condensate return sparge
  • Stainless steel break tank
  • Temperature and level gauges
  • Inspection manhole
  • Heating and deaeration systems available

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