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Conversions, Efficiency Upgrades and Major Industrial Boiler Repairs

Fuel Conversion and Burner Upgrades

Frequently, customers consider replacing their existing burner due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Safety & reliability issues such as aged & worn equipment that no longer complies with current legislation
  • Emission Compliance – Low NOx & CO Regulations
  • Fuel Conversion – Changing to gas or light oil
  • A new fuel source such as LPG or LNG
  • Your burner is obsolete and parts are difficult and expensive to source
  • Poor Performance – Inefficient combustion due to wear and tear

No matter what reason you require a burner retrofit, at Byworth, our practical, straightforward approach to your burner retrofit enquiry will eliminate any confusion that is often associated with combustion equipment selection. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with a properly matched, user friendly combustion solution, supported by our National Service Team who have experience with the following burner manufacturers:

  • Saacke
  • Hamworthy
  • Nuway
  • GP Burners
  • Weishaupt
  • Riello
  • Siemens Controls
  • ETC / Ratiotronic / Scanview / Ecosafe Controls
  • Dunphy

Efficiency Upgrades and Economisers

The typical temperature of flue gases flowing from the final pass of tubes from a 3 pass wetback 150 psi steam boiler would be 240°C . This heat is then lost up the chimney to the atmosphere but some of it could be recovered utilising a flue gas economiser. The recovered heat can then be used to preheat the boiler feed water.  Hotter feed water requires less fuel input to raise steam, therefore, saving fuel costs and reducing carbon emissions.

Fuel costs are typically reduced by 4 – 6%, generating an extremely swift payback.  An economiser is a pressurised heat exchanger where heat indirectly transfers between hot flue gases flowing around the banks of tubes which the feed water passes. These tubes are designed with spiralled surfaces to achieve maximum surface area and enhanced heat transfer.

Our economisers are available as an integral part of the Yorkshireman boiler series or built to order and retrofitted to your existing boiler plant.

Our friendly team of experts will help ascertain the most energy efficient solution to suit your individual application requirements.

Major repairs

Retubes, D-patches and Pipework
As specialists in our field, Byworth can complete the entire re-tubing of boilers and pressure parts including:
– D-Patches
– Stand Pipe/Nozzle Replacements.
All welding is carried out to BS EN 287-1

Steam System Upgrades and Alterations
At Byworth, we offer a quick response from the initial NDT report being received. Our manufacturing facility presents a key advantage as many material sizes will be in stock, ready for use or manufacture of replacement parts. We understand the urgency of your repair needs and will manage the job from start to finish, liaising with your insurance company to ensure the repair program is as efficient as possible. Where there is an immediate need for steam, we will provide cover through our boiler hire division, the UK’s No. 1 hired steam provider.

Using our expert engineers to carry out boiler refractory repair assures that your system will be back online as soon as possible. Our teams quickly respond by assessing the issues and providing solutions to get your boiler back up to full working order.

Our engineers are skilled to resolve a variety of refractory application issues caused by abrasion, physical wear, extreme temperatures and rapid expansion. Our scope of refractory work includes:

• All refractory repairs and replacements to boiler furnaces and doors
• Mouldable refractory profiles
• Hamworthy and Cochran quarls
• Ceramic liners
• Bespoke quarls designed and manufactured for burner retrofits

Fast Facts
If tube replacement is required, ask our Technical team about the efficiency gains of using our unique X-ID high efficiency tubing which increases heat transfer by over 80%. Byworth are the only European manufacturer with the use of this patented technology.

We work in partnership with our clients to identify and implement a range of energy efficiency measures 


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