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steam MX Steam Boiler

Proven in the field over many years, the MX steam boiler is a cost-effective solution for applications where light to medium steam load is required.

Made exclusively in the UK, the Byworth MX is the popular option for small to medium applications. Robust, reliable and designed for long-term ease of maintenance; the MX range is the smart choice for businesses new to steam and those who need a little more steam storage or drier steam than typically offered by vertical solutions.

Typical applications include commercial laundries, breweries, as well as smaller food and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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Principal Features

Our MX steam boilers are all about getting the basics right so you can focus on delivering your customers’ needs

  • Improved steam quality when compared to vertical boilers
  • The ideal balance between efficiency and size
  • Suitable for a wide range of liquid or gaseous fuels including natural gas, LPG, LNG, biogas and heating oils
  • Less than 100mg/m³ NOX when firing on natural gas
  • Less than 200mg/m³ NOX when burning class A2/D fuel oil to BS 2869
  • Lightweight, hinged front-door
  • Removable rear doors
  • Spiral wound turbulators significantly improve efficiency without increasing the boiler footprint
  • Available as a compact, skid-mounted option for the those with limited space
  • A wide range of upgrades are available including efficiency enhancements and controls for unattended operation


Model MX
Boiler type Three-pass reverse flame wetback shell steam boiler
Fire tube passes 2 passes within the furnace, one within tubes
Output 227 kg/hr up to 5000 kg/hr
Working pressure  6.89 and 10.34 bar g, (other pressures by special design)
Typical efficiency 89% (based on nett calorific value)
Fuel type Liquid and gaseous fuels.
Manufacturing Standards BS 2790, CE marked, European Pressure Equipment Directive compliant. Certified by Lloyds register.
Country of manufacture United Kingdom
Boiler package All Byworth boilers are sold fully packaged with high quality mountings, and a choice of burners from leading manufacturers fully fitted and wired. A ladder and gantry system is included as standard on all boilers rated from 2500 kgs/hour

Reduced Downtime

The MX has design advantages such as a lightweight, hinged front door, weld inspection panels and removable doors; creating ease of maintenance for any engineer or inspector. This reduces downtime significantly during cleaning,  maintenance and inspection periods.


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