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Boiler Shell and Furnace Section Replacements

As boiler manufacturers, Byworth can supply replacement sections for shells, furnaces, tube plates and tubes for all Byworth and other makes of boilers – Contact the Spares department to discuss your requirements.

Byworth are also the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for the unique X-ID spirally enhanced boiler tube. This can replace ordinary plain tube and give over 80% increased heat transfer from the tubes. This greatly enhances boiler efficiency and reduces fuel costs. Call the Technical team for further details on improving efficiency on 01535 665225 or email


Examples of repair materials supplied:

  • Complete replacement furnaces
  • Bowling hoop sections
  • Tubeplates or tubeplate sections
  • Shell “D” patches rolled to specification
  • Replacement fire tube
  • X-ID high efficiency fire tube

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