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Smart technology reduces your energy.

Energy costs only go in one direction. Similarly, the cost of fossil fuels is volatile, therefore the price is unlikely to last. If a plant has a lifecycle measuring over decades, it becomes desirable to optimise the way industrial processes use energy. Applying this approach guarantees the plant remains economically viable for the long-term.

Advanced Boiler Control

Unity is an advanced boiler control system offering unprecedented management, efficiency, visibility and fingertip control, recording and cross-referencing data trends from every discrete system area to implement efficiency and cost-saving responses.

The System

Capable of handling dozens of simultaneous I/O’s, Unity is suitable for any boiler house; from control of a single boiler to complex multi-boiler, hybrid-fuel installations incorporating waste heat and composite boilers.

Intelligent decisions based on the systems measured values are made to ensure efficient plant operation and reduce operational stress to decrease downtime and increase plant life.

Harnessing the Power of Big Data

The revolutionary boiler control system harnesses the power of digital technology to transform the industrial boiler industry. Unity offers the leading solution for any industry using process steam.

The system employs the Internet of Things (IoT) to remotely monitor and diagnose faults to systematically change boiler-related operations and services.

Its value is in its capability to significantly reduce cost, improve product & service performance and provide better value to our customers.

Utilising a cloud platform we are able to collect and combine data from each customer, we are able to uncover data insights; analysing, managing and integrating much broader operational data than ever before.

Encompassing a range of smart data, predictive tools and engineering proficiency to obtain additional insight, the results will help customers reduce fuel usage, increase operational efficiency and significantly reduce any potential downtime. Delivering a step-change in boiler servicing, Unity helps improve response time as well as enhancing onsite efficiency.

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Did you know?

Unity manages precise data from your boiler house to predict and prevent boiler failure, significantly reducing downtime. The pioneering system employs Industry 4.0 technology to deliver reduced operating costs and safer management of industrial boiler houses.

Unity controls and manages a boiler house as one entity rather than relying on various third party control systems; creating a considerably more efficient and configurable plant.

Data is accessible from the cloud; enabling plant managers to optimise the relationship between boiler and process by understanding when large peaks and troughs are happening.

The intelligent use of data allows site managers and operators to react more quickly to plant conditions, reducing the number of start-stop cycles, fuel and water usage.

Principal Features

  • Accessible via a built-in touch screen and remote desktop
  • Quick access to trend data and alarm logs. A simple green, amber, red warning system instantly draws operator attention to changes in plant conditions
  • User controllable functions that can be programmed and monitored through the HMI include:
    • time sequencing and scheduling
    • fuel switching or set point adjustments
    • selectable setback pressures
    • night setback
    • automated two stage cold start
    • trending of measured values
    • logging of alarms
    • automated water tests
    • automated feed pump rotation
    • automated bottom blowdown
    • operator user groups
    • hotwell level and temperature control
    • hints to possible fault causes
    • fuel metering (instantaneous and totalised)
    • boiler sequencing on actual steam output
    • three-part water level control
    • chemical dosing pump control
    • feed forward burner control