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Advanced Boiler Control

Unity is an advanced boiler control system offering unprecedented management, efficiency, visibility and fingertip control – recording and cross-referencing data trends from every discrete system area to implement efficiency and cost-saving responses.

Its single, user-friendly interface is controllable via the built-in touchscreen with remote control and monitoring also available on desktop or tablet PC.

In terms of both information processing, ease-of-use and measurable business benefits, Unity is unrivalled in the steam boiler.

Harnessing the Power of Big Data

The revolutionary boiler control system harnesses the power of digital technology to transform the industrial boiler industry.

Unity offers best in class solutions for any industry using process steam and hot water. The system employs the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced data analytics to systematically change boiler-related operations and services.

Its value is in its capability to significantly reduce cost, improve product & service performance and provide better value to our customers.

Built on a cloud platform and utilising a suite to collect and combine data from each customer, we are able to uncover data insights; analysing, managing and integrating much broader operational data than ever before.

Encompassing a range of smart data, predictive tools and engineering proficiency to obtain additional insight, the results will help customers reduce fuel usage, increase operational efficiency and significantly reduce any potential downtime. Delivering a step-change in boiler servicing, Unity helps improve response time as well as enhancing onsite efficiency.

All its attributes support a vision of providing efficient heat solutions to each of our partners.

“Unity is a very user-friendly system. It gives us the ability to be able to carry out fault finding in a very fast and efficient way.” –
Tony Carter, First Milk

“It’s made it more efficient for the gas usage. The Unity system gives us much more information about how the boiler’s running.”-
Andrew Leman, Timothy Taylors

“The remote support stood out.
“It gives me more insight and control, whereas before I was not aware of all the issues they’d have [onsite].” –
Andy Jardine, Jura Whisky

I thought, why isn’t everybody doing that?”-
Rob Overton, Tangerine Confectionery

Queen’s Award Recipient

Unity, the first product of its kind on the market,  has achieved outstanding results and has been awarded a 2016 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

The latest honour is not the first bestowed on Byworth for Unity. The company won the prestigious Lord Derek Ezra Award from the Combustion Engineering Association back in 2015.

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Principle Features

  • Handles dozens of simultaneous input/outputs
  • Decreased operational downtime
  • Green/amber/red condition monitoring
  • Remote control and monitoring via Modbus or TCP/IP

Values Analysed

  • Manifold and boiler pressures
  • Boiler water levels and conductivity
  • Hotwell levels and temperature
  • Blowdown temperature
  • Flue temperature and gas analysis
  • Gas pressure
  • Steam, water and fuel flow rates
  • And many more

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