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steam Yorkshireman


Our Yorkshireman steam boilers are an advanced three pass wetback shell steam boiler, and is ideal for heavy continuous workload.

Well proven over many years across the world, the Yorkshireman steam boiler is preferred by engineers across many industries including Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical and Chemical processing.

MCPD Notice:

• 100mg NOX on gas
• 200mg NOon light oil
in line with the expected requirements of the upcoming UK implementation of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive legislation


Aware that running costs are of paramount importance to steam users, in 2007 Byworth embarked on a 2 year Research and Development Project in conjunction with Leeds University.  The brief was, by rigorous testing, to ascertain and prove the optimum configuration of shell, furnace, and tubes for maximum boiler efficiency and low emissions.

The project almost came to an early close when on testing the existing Byworth Yorkshireman range of boilers, it was found that efficiency results for this range were actually higher than previously claimed and better than similar boilers available! The generously sized shell and furnace design proved to generate best quality dry steam with low emissions and so has been retained in the Yorkshireman2.

The most exciting feature of the Yorkshireman2 boiler range is the revolutionary X-ID boiler tubes. With special helical internal ribs, this tube gives a significant 80% increased heat transfer over normal tube.  This increase in heat transfer gives the Yorkshireman2 an efficiency figure of around 95% (NCV). Moreover, when compared to running costs of older existing boiler plant, fuel savings could be as much as 20%.

This boiler range incorporates many energy saving features including the unique X-ID boiler tube, making the Yorkshireman2 probably the most energy efficient steam boiler available today.

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Principal Features

  • High efficiency
  • Low NOx emissions
  • High quality dry steam
  • Output easily achieved
  • Good steam volume
  • Reliable and robust with long life span
  • Generous shell and furnace sizes

Energy Saving

  • High performance X-ID firetubes in Yorkshireman2
  • Enhanced shell insulation features on Yorkshireman2
  • High performance ceramic fireside insulation
  • Combustion management system
  • Inverter driven burner fan *
  • Inverter driven feedwater pumps *
  • Internal economisers where suitable *


Model Yorkshireman and Yorkshireman2
Boiler type Advanced three pass wetback shell steam boiler
Fire tube passes 2
Output 1000 kg/hr up to 18000 kg/hr
Working pressure 7, 10, 13, 17 and 20 bar g, (other pressures by special design)
Typical efficiency around 95% (based on nett calorific values) in accordance to EN12953
Fuel type Liquid, solid, gaseous fuels or biomass
Manufacturing Standards EN 12953, CE marked, European Pressure Equipment Directive compliant. Certified by Lloyds register.
Country of manufacture United Kingdom
Boiler package All Byworth boilers are sold fully packaged with high quality mountings, and a choice of burners from leading manufacturers fully fitted and wired. A ladder and gantry system is included as standard on all boilers rated from 2500 kgs/hour

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