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Timothy Taylors reduce running costs with a new Byworth Yorkshireman2

At a glance

  • Customer: Timothy Taylors
  • Industry: Brewery
  • Product: Yorkshireman2 Boiler
  • Goal: Reduce fuel bills
  • 13% reduction in running costs, Less gas required to brew same amount of beer & Unity helps identify and manage steam usage

Timothy Taylor’s is an independent, family-owned brewery founded in Keighley, Yorkshire in 1858 by Timothy Taylor. In addition to brewing a range of ales the Company also operates a modest pub estate of 19 outlets.

Taylors purpose is to thrive as a family-owned business by brewing nationally renowned, award-winning beers, and owning pubs which support the values of the company.

The Problem

Taylor’s previous boiler was over 16 years old and was no longer cost effective to run. It was also struggling to keep up with peak demand for steam.

Steam is an essential part of the brewing process and a failure from the boiler could have costly consequences for the business.

With the popularity of Timothy Taylor’s range of beers ever increasing, the need for a larger more energy efficient boiler able to cope with demands became pressing.

The goal was to provide Taylors with a steam solution that would be able to maximise efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint and save time and money in the future.

As a fellow Keighley based business Byworth was the favourite to supply the new boiler, but it was the benefits of the all-encompassing Unity system that sealed the deal.

With over 50 uses of steam around the brewery, Unity’s ability to monitor and identify steam usage will be crucial to help balancing out the peaks and troughs in steam demand.

“Our boiler’s performance is absolutely vital! If we lose steam altogether at the wrong time of the

brewing process, the beer would have to go to go down the drain which would have massive cost


“We’ve seen significant energy savings since installing the new boiler. We believe it is 13% less gas required to brew the same amount of beer, which subsequently reduces the company’s carbon footprint.”

The Results

We asked Head Brewer Andy Leman for a few words on how the new boiler and the Unity system has helped the Timothy Taylor’s brewing process.

How do you think Unity has made your process more efficient?

“The ability to look at it remotely means we don’t have to travel to the boiler house to check on the boiler. We can easily see the boiler information on tablets, phones, and our computers which has huge time saving implications and has improved the overall management of the boiler.”

What other benefits do you think Unity will provide?

“I can see possibilities where it may prevent unplanned boiler downtime in the future. Unity gives you all the information on the boiler, for example, how much gas and pressure is going into the boiler – if that drops it would signify that something is not right with the system and we can address it before it develops into a major issue.”

Have you noticed any comparable differences to when you didn’t have the Unity controls?

“Steam usage is the big difference. As steam usage is part of the information Unity gives you, we can now easily identify how much steam is being used at any one time. This is very useful as quite quickly you can start to see which the main steam usages are including times of day and tasks. Boiling up the beer and boiling up the well water use a massive amount of steam. We always expected this to be the case, but Unity clarified that with actual figures.

“The Unity system gives us much more information about exactly how the boiler is running.”

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