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Well Done Harry

Posted 1st December 2023

Congratulations Harry

What an absolutely fantastic end to an amazing year for our welding apprentice Harry as he took the first place spot last month in the WorldSkills UK welding competition. This year has seen Harry go from strength to strength with his welding skills and personal development. We wanted to showcase this achievement and highlight what incredible things can come from apprenticeships if you work hard and utilise the support around you.

The Competition

Harry is currently in his final year of his apprenticeship at Keighley Collage and was nominated for a place in the competition by his tutor Adam Sutcliffe. The competition is designed to test the welders skills in the three main Welding processes: Manual Metal Arc (MMA) Metal Active Gas (MAG) Tungston Inert Gas (TIG).

The reginal heats have 3 stages; each stage gradually builds up to challenge participants to develop their welding skills, and at each stage they will be required to complete a number of welding test pieces in carbon steel Aluminium and Stainless steel in a variety of welding positions.

Despite not believing he was good enough to compete Harry went along and gave it his all and was shocked to find himself through to the final.

Downing Street

Following his amazing achievement getting into the final, Harry was invited by local MP Robbie Moore to attended the Local Skills Champion Reception at 10 Downing Street as his guest.

Harry commented “I never thought that my welding apprenticeship would get me to Downing Street. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and experience”

Harry in London with MP Robbie Moore, Production Director Robert Baldwin and Technical Director Jason Atkinson

The Final

The final took place over three days and included a range of different tasks and challenges including:

·         Vertical up, butt joint bare wire.

·         Horizontal, butt joint, flux core wire

·         6g weld test

·         Pressure vessel out of mild steel, welded in all processes and positions

·         Model out of stainless steel, tig welded in all positions possible

·         Model out of aluminium, tig welded in all positions possible

Having smashed all the challenges set before him Harry was awarded the Gold medal during the awards ceremony that followed.

This is a fantastic achievement and we are incredibly proud of his hard work, dedication and exceptional talent. Harry has truly set a high standard for our apprenticeship program, demonstrating that with the right attitude and commitment, anything is possible. His passion for welding and his drive to continuously improve his skills is truly inspiring. We look forward to seeing your future accomplishments. Keep up the great work!

A few words from those who have supported Harry.

Robbie Moore MP - “Harry is an extremely talented individual and I have no doubt he has all the makings of a future leader. This really is an outstanding achievement,  and it is fantastic to see local employers like Byworth Boilers equipping local apprentices with industry-leading skills being recognised at a national level. 

Having got to know Harry a few weeks ago when I invited him to a reception at No. 10 Downing Street to celebrate our brilliant apprentices, I could not be prouder. I really do hope Harry's achievements, made possible by brilliant local employers like Byworth Boilers, will inspire even more young people across our area to embark into the world of apprenticeships.”

Tom Lowther – Harry’s Line Manger – “I'd like to mention everyone here at Byworth Boilers are immensely proud of Harry, this is testament to Harry's hard work and dedication to welding; he is so passionate about it. I vividly remember our conversation back in July, the day before the qualifying round. Harry was really doubting himself, nearly pulled out of the competition but after a reassuring chat and a bit of training, he not only persevered but also excelled, making it to the final, which I must say he absolutely smashed it. Well done Harry.” 

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