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BeerX 2024

Posted 8th April 2024

Hops, Crafts, and Good Times! BeerX 2024 and Beyond

BeerX is an event organised by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), and is considered the cornerstone of the UK craft brewing calendar. The 2024 event, which took place at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre, solidified its reputation as the premier event for the UK's thriving craft beer industry. The two-day trade show brought together brewers, industry professionals, and beer enthusiasts for a celebration of all things craft beer.

A Playground for Collaboration

In addition to showcasing a range of fantastic beers from across the country, BeerX presents a chance for brewers to learn from each other, collaborate, and strengthen the industry as a whole. Throughout the two days, Brewers were able to network, share best practices, and forge new business relationships, all under one roof.

Supporting Independent Brewers

The event plays a significant role in supporting independent brewers. With consumers increasingly seeking unique and locally-produced beers, the event serves as a launchpad for innovative brews and niche brands to make their mark in the industry. Additionally, the SIBA Independent Beer and Business Awards presentations recognise excellence in brewing and business practices, thus giving a platform for smaller breweries to gain visibility and reach new audiences.

A Toast to Education

A packed schedule of seminars, talks, and panel debates offered brewers and enthusiasts valuable insights. Industry leaders shared their knowledge on everything from brewing techniques to navigating the business landscape. This educational aspect empowers brewers to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Experts from various fields led tasting sessions, covering topics such as the latest brewing trends, the impact of sound on flavour, and experimental flavour pairings. Learning new trends, flavours and techniques can provide brewers with the knowledge and skills to educate their customers when trying and experimenting with new brews.

Craft Brewing Industry

According to Brewery tracking figures (as published by SIBA), 2023 was a tough year for the industry with the overall number of independent breweries decreasing over the course of the year. This is a result of tough trading conditions, risings cost across the entire supply chain, and an increasingly competitive market.

Despite these challenges, we have seen many breweries rise above and continue to innovate, focusing on sustainability, so they can continue to deliver quality beers for the UK craft beer market. According to the CEO of SIBA, there is still a great deal that needs to be done to protect independent breweries across the UK and events such as BeerX are the foundations of continued growth in the market.

For us, BeerX is an opportunity to engage with rising stars and established names within the sector. Year on year, BeerX has proven itself to be more than just a trade event. It's a vital platform that celebrates, connects, and educates, ensuring a bright future for the UK's vibrant craft beer industry. It is always a pleasure to exhibit at this event and we look forward to BeerX 2025!

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