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Safety Procedures in the workplace

In this blog we will discuss the safety procedures and plans put in place at Byworth Boilers for MEWP operators, all of which comply with the Health and Safety legislative requirements, and the Working at Height Regulations 2005.

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Byworth promoting British manufacturing at craft beer trade show

Byworth's first trade show in four years did not disappoint

The Next Generation of Team Byworth

Our Team of current and past apprentices have been out and about visiting schools and colleges recently as part of a series of events centred around National Apprenticeship Week which took place at the beginning of February.

Safety Procedures in the workplace

The safety and wellbeing of our team are of paramount importance to us here at Byworth Boilers which is why we are constantly looking for ways to improve the procedures and working conditions on our shop floor. This series of blog posts will highlight some of the most significant health and safety issues.

Byworth the Beaver competes in the 11th annual Mascot Gold Cup

In April 2022, Byworth the Beaver donned his racing t-shirt and top hat to compete in the Mascot Gold Cup race at Wetherby races all in the name of charity.

A new offering in Industrial Boiler Training

City and Guilds Assured Training. We are pleased to confirm that from mid 2022 Byworth Boilers will be offering a Safe Operation and Management of Industrial Steam Boilers training programme Assured by City & Guilds.

The importance of water treatment for your industrial boiler

It is your responsibility to take ownership of your water quality. The water quality in your boiler has a big impact on energy efficiency and the reliability of your whole steam system.