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AvantiGas Announces Three-Way Partnership to Transform the UK Industrial Biomass Steam Boiler Scene

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A division of AvantiGas, a major off grid energy supplier, AvantiRenewables, has announced a three-way commercial partnership which is set to bring environmental and financial savings to businesses looking for industrial biomass steam boilers.

The news comes following the successful OFGEM RHI accreditation of a 1MW biomass steam boiler solution in Immingham on Friday 14th August which features a Byworth steam boiler. A 2MW version has also been commissioned and it is in the process of obtaining its RHI accreditation too.

Collaborating with Byworth Boilers, one of the UK’s leading commercial steam biomass boiler manufacturers and Janfire UK a provider of Swedish burners and technology, AvantiRenewables says the new enterprise will provide a ‘whole solution’ approach to businesses by combining decades of operational knowledge, engineering expertise and resources to provide a complete biomass steam boiler package for large scale steam applications. This includes capital funding and ESCO (Energy Supply Contract) providing brand new technology and high efficiency, low carbon energy to the customer with no upfront capital commitment. The added security of the AvantiRenewables biomass fuel supply chain operation closes the end to end supply chain delivery, with the added benefit of optional LPG back up supplies should additional peace of mind be required.

Targeting specifically large import/export storage facilities, major chemicals processing sites, the food and drink preparation industry and other prominent off grid oil markets, the steam boiler solutions are predicted to deliver CO2 savings of around 2,000 tonnes each year per MW of installed capacity.*

AvantiGas Managing Director Neil Murphy said: “This partnership reflects a significant leap in energy provision with three key industry players joining forces to bring cost, environmental benefits and energy savings through robust engineering solutions to the UK’s producer businesses.

“We are delighted to be working alongside two established manufacturers who have a combined 70 years expertise to collectively, deliver the very best in steam boiler technology giving a cost effective option for businesses using steam as part of their product production.”

Adrian Rhodes Technical Director of Byworth Boilers said: “It has long been our aim to provide a holistic and complete steam energy solution to businesses who are looking for a more responsible and energy efficient means of operating. For more than 40 years we have been engineering, supplying and installing fuel efficient boiler solutions to help reduce the carbon footprint in the UK. With biomass at the heart of this new partnership, we are looking forward to fulfilling this commitment to the benefit of UK businesses.”

Kenny Paterson of Janfire UK , Janfire AB’s UK distributor, added: “As specialists in biomass burners we have over 30 years’ expertise. Coupled with AvantiRenewables biomass fuel supply guarantee and energy solution expertise, the industry insight of Byworth and our combined commitment to being accountable for a greener manufacturing future, we are confident in our offering of a safe, clean and workable steam biomass boiler solution, driven and managed entirely by experts.”

For businesses wanting to know more about the new AvantiRenewables collaborative partnership, please visit

Alternatively, you can call Byworth’s friendly team on +44 (0)1535 665225

And if you’ve dismissed biomass in the past, why not see if we can ‘rekindle’ your interest?

* approximate figure when replacing biomass pellets for Heavy Fuel Oil.

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