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Brewers – Don’t forget the boiler!

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Purchasing a boiler is one of the most important investments for a brewery. The boiler lies at the heart of your brewery as it supplies all the steam. The steam provides all the needs for heating up anything in the brewery:

“The biggest use is for boiling the full volume of beer with the hops.
We have 50 or more uses of steam around the brewery because there’s lots of little tanks and equipment that need heating up for cleaning etc. and to put a little system in for each would be extraordinarily expensive.”
-Andrew Leman, Timothy Taylors

Steam is of course, the best heating option. It heats up efficiently and is controlled. Other benefits include:
• High-quality dry steam is vital to producing the best quality beer.
• If you can afford the upfront capital cost, steam is a lot cheaper than electricity to run. If you have an existing boiler that’s 10-15 years old, then upgrading to a more efficient boiler will also reduce your running costs. As soon as the more efficient operation has paid back your initial cost, you’re laughing!

“Since the new boiler, it’s about 13% less gas to brew the same amount of beer (which subsequently reduces the company’s carbon footprint)”
-Andrew Leman, Timothy Taylors

Read the full Q&A with Taylor’s Head Brewer, Andrew Leman and discover how your brewery could benefit from process steam.

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Are you near Sheffield on 16-19 March 2017? – Come and see us at BeerX on stand 183:

Byworth will be showcasing a steam boiler that has proven popular amongst brewers
Our interactive ‘Unity’ bar gives you the opportunity to ‘play’ around on Byworth’s award winning boiler control and management system. From our stand at BeerX, Unity will actually be monitoring the factory boiler back at Byworth’s manufacturing facility in Keighley, West Yorkshire
Our on-stand bar will be serving the beers that our own brewery customer’s produce along with other refreshments
Our experts are on hand to help answer any questions you may have about your process requirements and eligibility to upgrading to steam
See if you can win a bottle of Whisky in our competition…


Contact our friendly team now if you would like to book an allocated time to discuss the benefits of steam & your business with one of our experts.

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