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Byworth Boilers Proud to Join the Made in Britain Campaign

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“Other manufacturers don’t necessarily do all the manufacture in this country – particularly the shell, the most critical part of the entire boiler. I wanted everything from a well-regulated country like Britain.”-

Rob Overton, Tangerine Confectionery

There is a genuine fear among consumers of products made outside the EU. International takeovers and moves towards Far Eastern production are all contributing factors to an increasingly puzzled landscape where it is difficult to distinguish businesses such as ourselves as not just a British company but producing British products.

By enabling customers to identify British made products, the Made in Britain marque supports & promotes British manufacturing in the UK and overseas.

Byworth’s Technical Director, Adrian Rhodes commented:

“Many manufacturers claim their products are made in the UK, where in fact, the majority of the work is done overseas with only the final finishing of the product being carried out in the UK. This is why we’re finding a lot of confusion amid consumers.”

Market research has shown that nearly half of people surveyed are confused about which brands can still claim to be made in Britain.

With Byworth Boilers joining an elite but growing group of UK manufacturers that can proudly display the Made in Britain logo on its products, customers can say goodbye to confusion and purchase with confidence.

Thank you Made in Britain for the award-winning marque!

Contact us today if you require further information on our quality British made boilers.