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Byworth Boilers Welcome Their New Electromechanical Apprentices

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Byworth Boilers have employed apprenticeship programmes for the last two decades. This method continues to prove successful for both the apprentice and the employer.

As employers we help lead, support and deliver a high-quality, responsive and modern apprenticeship.

With support and encouragement from day one, Byworth Boilers help their youthful counterparts develop and hone their skills. This not only prepares them for the working world but it gives them the confidence that their knowledge will help them progress in a forward thinking organisation.

More often than not, our apprentices pass the 3 or 4 year course with flying colours and frequently go on to become management.

This week, the company saw their latest recruits enter the world of work for the first time. We went to see how they were getting on and ask them why this route to employment appealed to them:

Name & age: David Emmott, 17 years old
School: South Craven
Reason for choosing an apprenticeship with Byworth Boilers: “Six-form wasn’t working out; I always fancied apprenticeships throughout my time at school and then I found Byworth.”
David Emmott working on the iconic gauge glasses
David Emmott works on the iconic gauge glasses
Name & age: William Steed, 16 years old
School: Upper Wharfedale
Reason for choosing an apprenticeship with Byworth: “It looked interesting; the trade interested me more than school which I found wasn’t for me. Also the potential money I could earn as a Service/ Commissioning Engineer was appealing too!”
William Steed wiring a control panel
William Steed wiring a control panel

Byworth Boilers Ltd joined the Industrial Centre of Excellence (ICE) scheme when it launched at Leeds City College in January.

Byworth’s Production Director, Rob Baldwin commented:

“Firstly, due to the continued success the company has had with apprenticeships over the years, and my own understanding of learning the job from the ‘ground up’, joining the ICE board was a no brainer!

“It’s important for young guys to feel they can progress and see what they can go on to do. An apprenticeship shouldn’t be looked at as a last option. Jason Atkinson (Control Systems Engineer) and I have had many a conversation trying to determine the best way forward when a new recruit is hired. Jason has developed a 3- 4 year training plan with the aim of them becoming a Field Engineer.

 “We wanted to ensure that students are exposed to different scenarios and for them to gain as much experience as possible. We need to promote that success can come in many forms (not just from a university degree)”.

Jason Atkinson, Control Systems Engineer explained:

“Byworth are in a privileged position, due to on-going success and continued investment, where we are able to offer opportunities to both existing and new employees.  As a business, we recognise the importance of apprentice trained engineers with many of our senior team members having come through the factory on apprenticeship programs.

“Rob Baldwin (Production Director) and I have worked together to create an apprenticeship scheme that aims to teach young people the required skills to become successful engineers at Byworth Boilers.  The scheme will see them work in various departments across the business to develop both their engineering skills and understanding of business.

“Offering opportunities to young people is important and Byworth Boilers are proud to be working alongside the ICE initiative to help promote apprenticeships within engineering throughout the local area.”