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Avoid Boiler Failure With New Industrial Boiler Water Treatment Guide

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A new document, collaboratively produced by the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA) and ICOM Energy Association is set to help everyone with their boiler water treatment.

The document, known as BG04 is the first guide created to help those with daily plant operations including their boiler water treatment.

Having recognised that it is a difficult subject to broach (especially as we don’t all have chemistry degrees), the guide has been written with the intention to provide easy to follow language and instructions.

Why is understanding water treatment important?

Unfortunately, boiler failures occur more frequently than is actually reported. Common causes of failure are usually down to poor maintenance with 95% being down to inadequate water treatment.

The consequences being:

• Non-operation of controls due to sludge accumulation

• Perforation of smoke tubes due to corrosion

• Less frequently (but more dangerously), overheating, distortion and even collapse of furnace caused by scale or other deposits

However, everything listed above can be avoided with correct boiler water treatment and that’s where BG04 comes in.

scale deposits boiler scale
Click the image above to see the effects of scale deposits

Who would benefit from this guide?

The document is intended for those who work in industrial and commercial steam and hot water boiler plants, including steam generators, operating at a working pressure of 0.5 and 60bar gauge and a working temperature between 110°C and 400°C.

For more information visit the CEAs website.