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Sharing Apprentice Aaron’s Success Story

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Passionate about helping bright young people gain specialist engineering skills, Byworth Boilers have built up a long standing partnership with Leeds City College, working alongside their Apprenticeship Learning Programme to shape the skills of future engineers.

Aaron joined us through this programme as part of his Advanced Engineering and Maintenance apprenticeship, eager to put his learning into practice.

‘My dad is an engineer and I have always been fascinated with the way things work.’

We are committed to providing young people with all the tools and support to become to become a valued member of our technical team. Our facilities manager Russell Brown relishes the chance to work with apprentices, moulding and growing their skills to match our exacting standards and specialist skill base.

‘Aaron came to us with no knowledge of the very specialist skills we need in this small team of five staff. He is a quick learner and a bright lad so it didn’t take him long to pick up the technical skills we need. He is a crucial member of our team now. Leeds City College has tailored Aaron’s Apprenticeship learning programme and delivery to suit our working patterns and our specialist product knowledge – it’s very much a partnership.’

We’re pleased to say that all of Aaron’s hard work has now paid off as the skills and experience he has gained with us mean we’re able to employ him on a full time basis once his apprenticeship ends, his earning potential steadily increasing as his technical skills develop further.

If you are interested in undertaking an apprenticeship with Byworth Boilers, please enquire via our Careers page between the months of May and July.